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A New Era Begins

A sound reproducing device with a mechanically damped diaphragm, characterized in that between the diaphragm and rigid abutments located at a distance of a fraction of a centimeter from it, fine, resilient structures of hard, highly resilient material used in a thickness of dog stems of millimeters are applied in a few, narrowly defined zones.


This was a patent by Dr. Emil Podszus from 1931. It was the fourth in a series of patent applications relating to loudspeakers. He initially tried to compensate for the disadvantages of existing concepts. At the same time, he worked on completely new inventions. As early as 1931, for example, he developed an electrodynamic loudspeaker with several coaxially arranged cone diaphragms of different sizes - still available on the market today as buzzing cones.



ZELLATON loudspeakers with multi-component hard foam diaphragms, which for decades have not enjoyed absolute cult status for nothing. Due to a particularly complex tuning process, we have built an incredibly low partial vibration loudspeaker that can operate in the particularly important acoustic frequency band from 100 Hz to 8000 Hz without a full-range crossover component.


A sound speed that is second to none on the market. The music signal follows the input signal almost completely and reaches the output state many times faster than with other loudspeakers.


Musical, faithful music reproduction.

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