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Wilson Audio

Authentic Excellence

Authentic Excellence requires Excellence in All Things. People sometimes refer to our loudspeakers as luxury items. When I hear that, I wonder what the word “luxury” means to them. Frank Lloyd Wright famously observed, “Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities.” I imagine what he meant was that, for him, having things of quality was a necessity of life. When we chose the phrase “Authentic Excellence” to describe what we’re about at Wilson Audio, it was with this confidence: by offering you a glimpse of how our products are made, it would be apparent that words like “value” are not intrinsically at odds with expectations of high price. Marketers often use the term “perceived value” as a measure of what they’re selling. Our only interest is in “authentic value.” Anything else is a chimera, a wisp, a ploy. The indisputable luxury (and necessity) of my life is the chance to do what I love surrounded by people of immense skill, pride in craftsmanship, and dedication. You will glimpse some of them in this section. We hope also you’ll sense the collective passion that motivates us. At its core, it’s about our love of music. Sharing that—through the products we make—is our goal. Dave Wilson, Founder and President

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