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Divine Line

Founded in 2014, Pilium Audio, a company of Greek ownership, designs and manufactures state of the art audio components of the finest quality, entirely hand crafted in order to meet the highest quality standards and possible level of detail.

With a background of many years as audiophiles, we founded Pilium Audio so as to state how the perfect reproduction of recorded music should be. Our purpose is to achieve ultimate musical fidelity with no compromises, no artificial enhancements for the truly demanding audience.

Stunning resolution, exceptional transparency, organic vocals and sensational dynamics… These are the ingredients of Pilium Audio sound.

All of our audio components are designed with an unconventional bare-voicing approach, using the highest technology available, in cost-no-object implementations and built to last a very-very long time.


Our team consists of highly skilled engineers, specialized in different technical fields and experienced audiophiles, all together spending countless voicing and development hours in order to achieve an unprecedented, life-like, music reproduction.

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