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Stabilian  Resonance Devices

Stabilian products are the true definition of resonance control.


All Stabilian products are designed with a single aim in mind. To enhance the maximum performance of any component in an audio system through correcting its resonance factor.


The fundamental principles of an audio system are critical for achieving optimum performance. A well-defined audio system needs a strong foundation which includes an acoustically good room, a refined main power source, a quality signal path and resonance control. Stabilian has been designed to address the resonance control aspect. 


Resonance through Stabilian’s patented topology means tonal balance, soundstage, harmonic resolution, low and high frequency extension, background noise floor and most importantly an improvement in musical involvement while being tonally truthful to the original recordings.


The harmful resonance of a component should be transferred to the ground (rack), while the components are sufficiently isolated from the ground itself. Stabilian is highly specialized in the management of this new resonance transfer process, which requires a very fine balance in the complex structure of the two-way - vertical and horizontal - energy transfer. A balance of resolution versus musicality, soundstage vs palpability, dynamic contrast vs tonal balance will be attained simultaneously – not one or the other - in an optimal fashion.

In other words, stability is necessary where not only are the audiophile parameters of the music preserved, but also the intended musicality and tonal balance is maintained. In this aspect, Stabilian should be considered unique.

With several Best of Show awards by the leading press (Munich High-End 2014 – The Absolute Sound/Robert Harley, CES 2015  - The Absolute Sound/Jim Hannon, The Audio Beat/Paul Bolin), the Stabilian design team has been working on unique designs with cost no object construction to insure the system’s resonance is perfected.


In addition to a unique design, Stabilian achieves its intended performance by the use of select materials.

Stabilian uses pure  chrome in the VAST & MINI models, a rare type of aged bronze in the BRONZE model and aircraft aluminum with specific anodization techniques in the TRIO and QUATRO model. Each material is selected upon extensive research that would work in any given component with varying resonance factors.


QUATRO: The four layer Quatro model is Stabilian’s perfect solution of a horizontal and vertical resonance control of any given audio component. The basic misunderstanding in resonance control is based on vertical energy transfer only, while the Quatro design enables unwanted lateral energy to be stabilized as well. 


Made of Stabilian-specific aircraft grade aluminum and a very sophisticated surface anodization, the  Quatro resonance devices  are designed to optimize the performance of  the signal section of audio devices. The end-result in the audio system in a substantial sonic improvement, mainly in truthful tonal balance, maximized harmonic resolution, life-like dynamic contrast and palpability which will enable the listener to have the absolute musical involvement in the auditioning session.

The correct placement of the Stabilian Quatro beneath the component is crucial, and will be achieved with a short auditioning trial to find out the best position for stabilization. The Quatro model is advised to be used under  the D/A converter, preamplifier, power amplifiers and phonostage. Quatro is designed as the optimal solution for audio components  weighting up to 50kg

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